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The process continues to evolve, as we initially succeeded in delaying a County Council vote.

Unfortunately, the Council made a version of the ordinance law and been granted a money from the state to help enforce it.

But the fight is not over.


We won!


The health department acknowledged that it does not have the power to issue orders.

You can read about it here on Real News Michiana.


The sunset clause we fought for in the order that did end up being issued calls for the Council to determine at their April meeting whether to renew, change, or rescind the order.


That meeting for the County Council will be:

Tuesday, April 13th at 6 PM

Note: Despite our attempts, this is not being acknowledged as a subject eligible for public comment, so you will have to make more general comments or speak on other pertinent issues (free speech, improved immunity/case statistics, etc.).

4th Floor Chambers, County-City Building
227 W. Jefferson Blvd
South Bend, IN 46601

You may join in-person or have the option of Zoom attendance.

Info from agenda available here.


Zoom direct link: Click Here

To join by phone:  (312) 626 6799

Meeting ID: 954 5826 2855

Password: 431382

There is a 3-minute-limit public comment period near the end of the meeting.

P.S.  Once on Zoom, enter your name and city into the chat box so that they know you would like to speak publicly.  You can speak for 3 minutes when they get to that part of the meeting.

On a mobile device you can find the chat feature by clicking on your picture; a number of features appear and it is under "More."